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Full-Service SEO

Search Engine Optimization of a website is a complex process, which requires extensive knowledge about the operational process of search engines and their demands. Reaching the top result position of Google search results requires a well-thought-through technical, on-page and off-page optimization.

We understand that for someone without any previous SEO experience entering top search results seems like an unreachable task. Thus, we offer a full-service SEO.

6 Month’s Program

Our “6 Month’s Program” will lift your website to the top of Google. The program projects that the initial results will begin showing as quick as in 3 months. During the full 6 months our experts will take care of:

  • Installation of relevant tools;
  • technical optimization of your website;
  • keyword research;
  • on-page optimization;
  • content creation;
  • building website’s authority.

In result, it will provide a well-rounded system for high-quality SEO optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a crucial element of an SEO strategy because it outlines further opportunities for the optimization process. During keyword research we discover keywords, which are specific to your industry and hold the most Google search requests. In addition, we will define the power of their influence and list them in order of potential relevancy to your users.

In result, you will receive a document, which will:

  • outline the characteristics of your industry in the context of online search results;
  • reveal keywords with the highest potential;
  • give a basis for on-page optimization and Content Plan creation.

Website’s On-Page SEO

On-page SEO optimization refers to the rearrangement of a website in response to the demands of different search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.). Without on-page optimization, other SEO efforts will gain only moderate results. On the contrary, website with proper on-page optimization will benefit way more from, for example, link-building or regular content creation.

This package includes:

  • Page Title and META Description setup;
  • Title formatting (H1, H2 etc.);
  • ALT attribute setup;
  • Optimization of existing URL structure;
  • Image compression;
  • Detection and elimination of duplicated content;
  • Internal and external link development;
  • Rich Snippets setup;
  • Schema setup.

SEO Content Creation

Regularly posted high-quality content is one of the “musts” if the goal is to reach the top position of Google. Keeping that in mind, we will create a Content Plan, develop and publish optimized content to your website’s blog page.

Content Plan

Content Plan will provide you with information on:

  • the form of required content (text, audio, image, video, etc.);
  • content topic;
  • advisable date and time for publication;
  • approximate content size (word count for articles);
  • cornerstone keywords.


To stimulate authority of your page, it needs inbound links from other websites. Inbound links show the search engine that your page holds authority and can be trusted (it is mentioned by others after all!). We will begin building these links by first setting up company’s GMB and:

  • Creating social media profiles and integrating them into the page;
  • analyzing existing inbound links;
  • optimizing contact information;
  • integrating Google maps into the website;
  • registering it on our list of internet catalogues;
  • cultivating Google Citations;
  • stimulating social signals;
  • developing and implementing link-building strategy.

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Why choose us?

Based on our SEO experience, we have developed an effective system, which allows us to help you achieve great results by conquering search engine results. In the following months of choosing our SEO services, your business will reach countless new potential customers. That is a given.

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